Full Black Cloud Album Available Now

The Full Black Cloud album is now available!

 In the spring of 2013, my friend Ryan Geddes approached me with a project he’d been working on: He’d written lyrics for an album’s worth of songs called Black Cloud. The subject matter dealt with technology and the way it’s transforming us, for better or worse. His proposal was to hand the lyrics over to me to turn them into songs. I gladly accepted this interesting challenge and got to work. Previously, I had written all my own lyrics.

We were very happy with the songs as they came together (moody electronica with a splash of guitar here and there), but started to realize it would take longer to complete than we initially anticipated. That’s when we came up with the idea to release the album in volumes, the first of which was finished in November 2013. Black Cloud Vol. 1 contained five songs, including the hit “Good Morning California,” and was one of my most successful releases to date.

Work continued, and Volume 2 was released in September 2014, containing another four pieces of the puzzle.

And finally, the remaining songs were completed in summer 2015. We could have simply released them as Volume 3, but I’d learned so much over the course of the project and my production skills had improved enough that I thought the previously-released songs could sound even better. We had an opportunity to present the entire Black Cloud project as a whole, as Ryan originally envisioned.

So, all the previously-released tracks have been remixed, re-recorded, and remastered. In video game terms, you can consider these the definitive editions. Then there are four all-new songs.

The result is Black Cloud, a 12-song album of dark synths and catchy hooks, with one foot in the past and the other cautiously stepping towards the future. It represents the biggest undertaking in my artistic career so far and I’m really proud of it.

It’s out now in your favorite music service. You can listen to the new version of Good Morning California here. As they say on my favorite podcast: Please to enjoy.