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Spooky electronica for Halloween...


Black Cloud, Vol. 2 Out Now


Black Cloud, Vol. 2 Out Now




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Beyond the Darkness Listening Notes


My new album, Beyond the Darkness, follows the crew of a spaceship called the Vic 20 as it explores the far reaches of the galaxy.

The crew is boarding the ship and everyone is very excited about their adventure. The cut up vocal sample says "keep going," and that's exactly what they plan to do.

Blast off at 2:43.

Moon Patrol
First stop: the Moon. The crew takes the moon buggies out for a joy ride and stand in awe of the view of Earth.

Holodeck Happy Hour
When the crew needs to unwind they head to the holodeck bar, which simulates different environments to have a drink in. One day it might be a beach at sunset and another it might be a smokey bar in Tokyo. During happy hour, all drinks are just four Credits!

Some crew members like to look out the window while the Vic 20 floats in orbit around a planet. They often think about their loved ones at home.

Crew members head out for a spacewalk to perform some routine maintenance on the exterior of the Vic 20. They are caught by surprise by an incredible sunrise from behind a nearby planet.

Space travel is very exciting, but not without its risks. Unfortunately, a serious malfunction claims the life of one crew member. Her crew mates work quickly to extinguish the fire. She will be missed, but the mission goes on.

Time to Turn the Page 
The Vic 20 sets down on an ice planet. Much to the surprise of the expedition, they find an old Gremlins story book record in the snow. How did it get there? When they get back to the ship, they are delighted to find it will still play on the Vic 20's record player.

Cat Cafe
The Vic 20 is equipped with a state of the art cat cafe, home to around 50 cats. The crew comes here to relax and be reminded of their pets back home. And the cats like exploring space, too!

A vectorbeam is used to haul in an abandoned space ship found floating in the stars. What happened to the crew?

Suspended Animation
Some crew members prefer to sleep in suspended animation for the long ride home. They've had many adventures and will dream the entire way back. Perhaps you would like to fall asleep to this song, too.

Beyond the Darkness
The crew of the Vic 20 arrives safely back on Earth. They are happy to be home and to see their cats, but they know they won't be able to resist returning to the stars.

Their hearts now reside beyond the darkness.