DAEMON - Producer/Composer/DJ

San Francisco-based producer/DJ making and playing electronic music. In addition to several LPs, EPs, and singles, Daemon has also produced music for film, video games, and theatre projects. His sound is heavily influenced by '80s synths, old-school hip-hop, and Aphex Twin/Boards of Canada-era electronica. Daemon is also a host at popular video game website IGN.


In Love with Everything - Single

⁞ ᵕ ‿ ᵕ ⁞ - Single

1985 - Christmas Single

The Returned - Single

Black Cloud, Vol. 2 - EP

Beyond the Darkness - LP

Black Cloud, Vol. 1 - EP

Super Powerful Robot - Single

In Fact It Was You - Single

Colorbeam - LP

Background Processes - LP